Modals - Settings
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This is the Settings menu of the Modals widget.


You can choose between different triggers that activate your popup:

  • On Page Load: the popup is activated during the page load.

  • Hide on scroll: the popup hiding when user scroll page;

  • Hide on press ESC: the popup hiding when user press ESC;

  • Show PopUp on every page load.

  • On Click Button: the popup is activated after the user pushes the button.

  • You can catch other elements and set the selectors in JQuery format to show the modal

  • You can choose between:

  • Text, where you can insert;

  • A text or a Dynamic Tags;

  • An Icon;

  • Button Purpose: decide if this is a simple CTA button to insert in another popup, no popup will be generated for this widget. If you need to use another element to close the modal, simply add the class .dce-button-close-modal to them.

  • Image: you can choose an image to show inside the button;

  • Hamburger: choose the type of hamburger between X, Arrow Left, Arrow Right, and Fall;

  • On Scroll Page: the popup is activated after a number of pixels;

  • On Widget Position: the popup is activated when the widget position of popups in your Elementor Page is reached on the screen of the user.

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