ACF Repeater (old version)
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This feature is deprecated. We recommend using the new version, but we will not remove this version.

Display the most complex ACF field in an easy way.

  • ACF Repeater, first of all, select the Repeater from the list of the previously configured on ACF settings;

  • Display Mode, you have 3 ways (Repeater, HTML, and Template) to create the single Row block;

  • Show row item, limit the rows visualization, for example, you can view only the first three rows, or only the last or the first row;

  • Invert row order, reverse the display order of the row.

Many Options to globally Style the result.


This is the easiest mode to represent all the fields.
All the ACF Repeater Subfields will be automatically displayed in a Repeater Control.
It will let you sort them and click on each of them to manage its settings.

The ITEM tab:

  • Label, an optional title of the current field, initialized with field name;

  • Show, decide whether to display it or not;

  • HTML Tag, the HTML tag that will wrap the field Value;

  • HTML Label, the HTML tag that will wrap the field Label.

The STYLE tab:

A list of common and most useful Styles.

The LINK tab:

  • Enable link, make the field linkable;

  • Url Field, select a Url field from the available on this Repeater;

  • Open in a new window, the link will have the target blank attribute.


With a bit of HTML experience you can quickly create the HTML structure of the Single block, inserting some Token placeholder to figure the Dynamic fields of the Repeater.
The ROW will contain the data of all the fields of the Current Row, and you can represent each one with its name.


For an Advanced visualization you can create the Single Row block with an Elementor Template of Section type.
In template, you need to use ACF Fields Widget to visualize the single ACF Subfields.
You will able to see a real preview of the Row if you set the Preview Page on the Template settings.

Render Mode

Natural, if you want to display all the Rows in the same block, for example for a simple comma-separated list (Red, Blue, Green).

Grid, a grid layout where you can decide how many columns you would like to display per row.

Table, generates a dynamic table instead using a TablePress or many other plugins.

Slider/Carousel, for a Slideshow visualization, there is available a dedicated section full of customization and settings.

List, for an Ordered or Unordered list of visualization.

Accordion, for a dynamic Accordion with all options of standard Accordion Widget.

Nested Repeaters

To display nested ACF Repeaters, you must use the Template Display Mode on the main ACF Repeater Widget, inside the sub Template, you can insert another ACF Repeater Widget where you can select the sub ACF Repeater as the source.

The Template used for the main ACF Repeater could contain another SUB ACF Repeater Widget:

This recursion could be infinite if you keep repeating this procedure to display another sub-level.

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