This Action is available only for the Form included in the paid version of Elementor, which is NOT included in our plugin.

Enabling this Elementor PRO Form Extension, you can find another "Actions After Submit" called Export.

Add it to the "Add Action" multi-select and it will appear.

  • Endpoint URL: the URL of the service that will handle your request;

  • Port: typically is the 80, but you can set for in a different number;

  • Method: GET, POST, or HEAD, the basic method of HTTP protocol;

  • Enable SSL Certificate verify: if you are in a dev environment you can disable it (enabled mostly for security reasons);

  • Ignore fields with empty value: if some optional fields of the submitted form are left empty, they will be not be added to the request;

  • Exported Arguments list: here you can set the arguments of your request. In a GET call the Key is the name of the argument (what is before the "="), Value is its content (what is after the "=").
    For example:
    In this case there are two arguments:
    - key "q" with value "Dynamic Content for Elementor"
    - key "start" with value "10"
    You can insert Dynamic Value using Tokens (as [form:field_custom_id]) or native ePRO form shortcode (like [field id="custom_id"]).

  • Add Headers, add more custom headers to curl call;

  • Enable log for a more complete report on submission;

  • Log Path, where you can find the generated log, can be dynamic (as in default value), to create a log for each form;

  • Show error on failure: if the service is down or there is an error on data, usually it returns an error (return code 500 or similar). In this case, you can handle it as a blocking error and refer to error on submission. Otherwise, you can disable it, if you want a non-blocking export.

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