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NOTE: These triggers are very useful if you use the Template System, included in Dynamic Content for Elementor (or in Elementor PRO), where you can set a template associated with all posts.

CPT - Custom Post Type

Triggered if the current page type (like post, page, product, etc) is one of the selected values.

For example:

  • use the same template everywhere and show a gallery only in Posts, not in Pages.


Triggered when the current page is exactly one of the selected values. You will find the complete list of all posts on your site and quickly select some of them.

For example, you can define content visible only in selected posts.

Taxonomy & Terms

Triggered if the current page is related to the selected taxonomy. When you select at least a term of this taxonomy.

Or you can select specific Terms of selected Taxonomy that will be related to the current post.


  • show an element based on its category

Post Field

Triggered if the selected Post Field value (Post field or Post Meta field) of current Post is:

  • Not set or Empty;

  • Set and has a value, any value;

  • Less Than a value;

  • Greater Than a value;

  • Contains a value, as substring;

  • Does not contain a value;

  • In Array;

  • Equal To, set with a specific value;

  • Not Equal To, different from a specific value.


  • show an image added by ACF only if it's valued for the current post;

  • hide a link if the custom field is not set for the current post.


Triggered if one of the selected Custom fields (one or multiple) is valorized (set and not empty).

You can decide if you would like all of them to be valued (AND condition) or at least one of them (OR condition).


  • show a product only if has an image and price;

  • show a video with an image overlay only if both are set.


Triggered if the Post is associated with the selected Format.

Read more about WordPress Format:
โ€‹ https://wordpress.org/support/article/post-formats/


  • show a section with a gallery if Post format is Gallery

Navigation tree Triggers

Is Parent

Triggered if the current post has children.


  • show a sub-menu with a children's list.

Is Root

Triggered if the current post hasn't got any parent. So it's a first-level page.

Is Leaf

Triggered if the current post has no children. So it's the last level of the navigation tree.

Is Node

Triggered if the current post has a parent and at least a child. So it's an intermediate page.

Has Parent

Triggered if the current post has a parent. So it would be a Node or a Leaf.

Has Siblings

Triggered if the current post has Siblings. So the parent has more than one child.


  • show a sub-menu of same level pages.

Has Term Buddies

Triggered if the current post is not the only one belonging to a Term group.

You can also filter this check for a specific selected Term (ore in multiple Terms).


  • show a related post carousel only if there are some other posts to display.

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