Cursor Tracker
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Cursor Tracker is an item that follows your mouse cursor as you move it around the page.

It is a circle by default. See the DEMO.

N.B .: this is an interesting effect on desktop, but we do not exclude that it can have a certain usefulness on touch mobile devices.

The available parameters are:

  • Dimension (diameter) of the object in pixel;

  • The Stroke Width;

  • The Stroke Color;

  • The Fill Color;

  • The Opacity.

In Hover (class)

You can turn into a cursor any desired element you assign the class .cursor-target.

The parameters you can manage on the roll-hover transition are:

  • The Stroke Width;

  • The Opacity;

  • The Scale (based on the settled size up to 10 times);

  • The Stroke Color;

  • The Fill Color.

Scroll Progress

By enabling the Scroll Progress option, the scroll amount along the item will be displayed.

The available parameters to be managed are:

  • The Progress Stroke Width;

  • The Progress Color.

Responsive Options

You can also decide on which devices to display the Cursor Tracker.

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