Frontend Navigator
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Frontend Navigator is a quick and easy way to understand and inspect current page structure and you can access all your templates and page elements with just a click.

In order to use Frontend Navigator you should enable the feature on the Dashboard > Dynamic Content for Elementor > Features > Frontend Navigator

and you should enable the toolbar on your profile.

The Toolbar is an area that is usually visible to all the logged-in WordPress users on top of their screen. This is a full-width horizontal bar containing shortcuts of different sections of WordPress administration screens, such as ‘New’, ‘Edit Page’, ‘Edit with Elementor’, etc. It displays the WordPress logo on the top left corner, and the user’s gravatar on the top right corner of the screen.

When you click "Frontend Navigator" you can identify all page elements with the usual navigator interface you know.

Details Debugger

You can debug, knowing all info on the element and finding what is slowing down the page.

Edit All Elements

Quick access button to directly modify Element settings.

Dynamic Visibility Inspector

Fully integrated with Dynamic Visibility, check what the triggers applied to the element are.

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