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Get Query Args for Debug
Get Query Args for Debug
Updated over a week ago

Now you can get the Query Arguments of the Dynamic Posts widget and other widgets that share the features of Dynamic Posts including:

  • Dynamic Products,

  • Dynamic Products on Sale,

  • Products in the Cart,

  • Product Upsells,

  • Product Cross-Sells,

  • Favorites, Woo Wishlist,

  • Sticky Posts,

  • Search Results,

  • Posts by the Current User

In Order to retrieve the Args, simply right click on the widget to open the context menu and click "Get Query Args for Debug".

As you click on the button, it will copy the arguments to your clipboard, which can be helpful for further debug as they contain the query configuration settings.

You can share this to our support team as well when you require help with your query settings or with regard to such widgets in general.

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