Dynamic Charts
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With the Dynamic Charts widget, you can display various types of charts on your pages.

Type of Chart

You can choose from Bar, Line, Radar, Doughnut & Pie charts to visualize the data.


You can use data input type as Simple or CSV.

Input Type - Simple

With this Input type selected you can type the values of your labels and data and get them displayed in charts.

Input Type - CSV

With this Input type option selected you can make use of a CSV file or format to display the charts.

You can use CSV from either URL or Text Area.

CSV from Text Area

CSV from URL

For example, you can choose any CSV from here: https://people.sc.fsu.edu/~jburkardt/data/csv/csv.html

You can also generate the CSV online: https://extendsclass.com/csv-generator.html

With Input settings you can map your CSV data correctly, as such, you can:

  • Set whether your CSV file is having a header or not

  • Column index for your Labels & Data

  • Name your Dataset

  • Limit the records ( no. of rows)


You can do the label manipulations and set the label text to uppercase, lowercase, or transform it to Date, DateTime, or Time if it is in the format of timestamp.


You can change the scale range and set the Grace in options.

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