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Display Post in Modal Box with Dynamic Posts
Display Post in Modal Box with Dynamic Posts

Show post in a modal box by clicking on a button or link in the dynamic post widget.

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Sometimes you wouldn't want your readers to load a page to read a post. As such, it is a great idea to load posts content in a modal pop-up.

To show a content popup, we are simply going to use the below widgets

Steps to Achieve the Results:

  • Creating a template for Dynamic Posts

  • Including Title, Featured Image, Excerpt & Modals widget in the template

  • In Modal using the token for post content in the content

  • Now assigning our template to Dynamic Posts

Creating A Template

Navigate to Elementor Templates and add a new section template.

On this template, add a featured image widget, Title widget, and Post Excerpt Widget.

Now, add the Modals widget and customize the look. Set Content type to Content and Set Modal content to Token. Now, enable the wizard mode, select post object, and choose Post Content Field.

Your template is done, and it is time to assign this template to the dynamic posts widget.

You could also customize the look of your modal content by designing a dedicated template for the layout, then select Template in Content-type.

This is how it will look.

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