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Content Widget
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Content Widget lets you show the post content in your template or page. This widget is extremely useful when you are creating & designing a single post template with Elementor for any of your post types. It also allows you to add the content of a specific post to a page by customizing the content source.


  • Use the content-filters: Enable/Disable this toggle to use content filters in your content

  • Use the content limit: Enable/Disable this toggle to limit the content for some characters.

  • Use the content auto-p: This will add a paragraph tag to the content.

  • The number of characters: With the show only when the content limit is enabled. Here you can specify the number of characters for the limit.

  • HTML Tag: Here you can specify the HTML Tag for the source content.

  • Alignment: Align the content to left, middle, right, or justified.

  • Link to:

  • Remove Shortcodes: Enable this toggle to remove shortcodes.

  • Unfold: Enable/Disable this toggle to fold your text on the initial page load and show a button to unfold that.

  • Height: Specify the height for unfolding.

  • Icon: Choose the icon for unfolding the text.


The style tab allows you to customize the text color, typography, shadow, and spacing for your content.

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