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Show or Hide Page Section using Dynamic Tags.
Show or Hide Page Section using Dynamic Tags.

Learn how to show or hide page sections using dynamic tags in visibility settings.

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In order to show or hide a page based on dynamic tags, you can use the "Dynamic tags" trigger under dynamic visibility.

To demonstrate it better let's start with an example where you want to show a coupon to your user based on the posts count the user has on the website.

Under the visibility tab of your section containing the coupon code, choose the "Dynamic Tags" trigger while Keeping HTML toggle to "Yes", and Display Mode to be "show"

In Dynamic Tag, choose a token and use [user:ID|count_user_posts] in the token field.

Note: in the above token WP function count_user_posts is used.

Know more about tokens here

Now, Set Status to any assignment operator. For this demo, we have used greater than sign ">" with value "5"

You have successfully set the condition where the section will appear only if the user will have posts greater than 5. This way, you can easily show or hide any section based using Dynamic Tags.

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