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Show/Hide Section on a Page through a Referral Link
Show/Hide Section on a Page through a Referral Link

Learn how to show a specific section to users who visited your site from a specific link only.

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Showing any section on a page through a referral link to your visitor is a great way to greet your visitor by assuming their intent and boost up marketing strategies.

Use Case:

When you want to show a specific section only when the users come from any specific domain.

You can display certain content to users who visit your website from another website or app. This is very useful for marketing because you can share or greet your visitors with specific content.

With Dynamic Content for Elementor, this is easy to achieve, and I'll show you how to do it.

Follow these steps.

  1. Set "User & Role" Trigger under visibility tab and keep HTML to Yes and Display Mode to "show"

2. Now under the user & role tab, scroll down to Referrer settings, enable Referrer and here input the referral websites for which you want to show the section. For example:,, etc.


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