This widget allows you to view ACF Flexible Content fields.

This widget requires Advanced Custom Fields Pro, since ACF Flexible Content fields are only available with this license type.

After selected the ACF Flexible Content field

you can choose if you want to retrieve the field from the current post, current user, current author, current term, or options page.

Now you can select all layouts from ACF Flexible Content you want to show.

In our example, we set two layouts on ACF settings.

Show a layout

To show a layout you can choose two display mode:

  • HTML & Tokens: in this case, you can use the token [ROW] to retrieve all fields or [ROW:field-name] to retrieve a single field. For example:

    <img src="[ROW:image]" />
  • Template: in this case, you can use an Elementor Template where you can use the ACF Field widget or Tokens to retrieve every single value.

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