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The Numbers of Path
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Numbers as database

Widgets like SVG suite use sequences of numbers as a database to indicate the single coordinates of every point.

The widgets are:

  • SVG Morphing;

  • SVG ImageMask;

  • SVG TextPath.


The path tag is one of the basic SVG shapes (path, line, polyline, polygon, circle, ellipse, rectangle, text, image).

The path is written as a sequence of numbers that indicates the coordinates of a closed line both positive and negative. You can try the code below saving it as triangle.svg. (on the right you can see the result)

Path (more complex)

This is a more complex example of a path, a positive shape (the heart), and negative (the circle in the middle), and another two separated shapes.

How can I get different shapes?

  • Adobe illustrator®: simply with copy and paste in a text editor;

  • InkScape© you can export your project in SVG format;

  • If you open any SVG file with a text editor you can edit it.

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