SVG Filter Effects
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SVG Filter Effects processes an image using SVG

This is a collection of specific filters that allows you to transform the pixels of a specific image in real-time.

  1. Duotone transforms the image into 2 colors;

  2. Broken causes a kind of "breaking effect";

  3. Squiggly is a rippling-style transformation effect;

  4. Sketch creates a sketch of the image with a frame around it;

  5. Glitch creates an effect on the pixels by decomposing the RGB with a slight animation;

  6. X-rays transforms an image as if it was seen in x-rays;

  7. Morphology: by using the "Dilate" and "Erode" parameters your image lines can be thicker or thinner;

  8. Poster simplifies the shade progression and creates a stylized effect of it.

Duotone (parameters)

Squiggly (parameters)

Glitch (parameters)

Morphology (parameters)

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