Advanced Video
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Advanced Video Controls extend the Video Widget of Elementor free version and allow you to customize the interface of the following video types:

  • YouTube;

  • Vimeo;

  • Self hosted mp4.

You can customize the video controls and also define a clean interface.

By enabling the Advanced Video option you can decide which controls to display and the graphic style.


From the STYLE tab it is possible to define the colors and style of:

  • controls;

  • player control;

  • box video.


  • Controls colors;

  • the background color of the controls;

  • the color of the progress bar;

  • the background color of the entire instrumentation;

  • the padding of the instrumentation.

Player Control

  • The color of the icons;

  • The background color;

  • The color of the border;

  • Size;

  • Radius Circle/Square.

Box Video Style

  • The radius;

  • The external box-shadow;

  • The style and color of the border.

Customizing the Style

You can customize the look of the Advanced video Controls by following the CSS instruction that is found here

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