Page Scroll for Sections - Inertia Scroll
Updated over a week ago

We are working on making this feature compatible with containers.

It is part of Page Scroll controlled by the “Page Settings” gear at the bottom left of the Elementor interface.

It performs a trend effect determined by a coefficient when scrolling the page. Sections can be skewed while scrolling. This effect is possible vertically and horizontally.

You can configure:

  • viewport CSS selector and content scroll CSS selector: scrolling management compromises various elements of the page (not just Elementor). In order to function correctly and obtain the transformations, it is necessary to indicate the CSS selectors of the theme used. By default, we indicate the elements of the theme OceanWP. View the article of the HTML structure of themes;

  • coefficient of speed;

  • bounce;

  • skew;

  • the direction of scroll (vertical or horizontal);

You can apply Page Inertia Scroll on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. The responsive mode will take effect only on the preview or live page, and not while editing in Elementor.

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