HTML Themes Structure
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The HTML structure is different on each theme. Here we have some examples:

The HTML Structure

Each HTML page is has a grid which is composed by:

  • main WRAPPER;


  • main CONTENT;


Elementor's Hello Theme

It can be extended.
โ€‹ Warning: natively it has not a "Wrapper", but you can add it with a theme-child. Read more...

  • Header (class: .site-header);

  • Content (class: .site-main);

  • Footer (class: .site-footer).

Ocean WP

Its structure is composed of a main-Wrapper called (#outer-wrap) and a sub-wrapper (#wrap) which combined define a perfect logic.

  • Wrapper (ID: #outer-wrap);

  • Header (ID: #site-header);

  • Content (ID: #main);

  • Footer (ID: #site-footer).

Astra Theme

  • Wrapper (class: .site);

  • Header (class. .site-header);

  • Content (class: .site-content);

  • Footer (class: .site-footer).

Page Builder Framework

  • Wrapper (ID: #container);

  • Header (ID: #header);

  • Content (ID: #content);

  • Footer (ID: #footer).

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